The New Security Agenda and Its Challenges: Maritime Security

A call for paper (click here for the .pdf version) for the following panel at the 3rd WISC Global International Studies Conference—to be held in Porto, Portugal, 17–20 August 2011—is now open.

The New Security Agenda and Its Challenges: Maritime Security

Globalization processes have led to a redefinition of the security agenda, to include challenges that go beyond the territorial dimension of states and their sovereignty, or that are now perceived in a different way, and actors not linked to a state dimension. To respond to the new security challenges, solutions go beyond military strength and deterrence. Starting from the 1980s, debates among traditionalists and wideners in the IR community, and attempts at reaching common definitions (see, for instance, the C.A.S.E. Collective) have resulted in cross-fertilization processes. Likewise, security policies have become more diversified and multidimensional, leading to the use of non-military instruments for security purposes.

Maritime Security has recently entered the security agenda of both scholars and policy-makers. Strictu sensu maritime security refers to protection of the individuals and economic affairs from illicit acts against ships, human beings and goods at sea and in ports. In practice, it includes any challenge to security of maritime transport and security at ports, i.e.illegal migration, terrorist attacks, energy security, environmental disasters, proliferation of WMD and piracy. Global actors such as the EU are investing on cooperation with relevant actors to elaborate common strategies to deal with these security threats.

The panel is both theoretically and empirically oriented. How does maritime security affect security studies and security policies? How are maritime security challenges dealt with? By whom? At what level? How effective are the existing instruments? Are there any alternatives to multilateral platforms to deal effectively with maritime insecurity? The purpose of this panel is twofold: 1) to shed light on maritime security within the security agenda redefinition attempts; 2) to investigate the most recent initiatives concerning maritime security which might lead to a global/regional maritime policy.

The deadline for submissions is November 29, 2010. Please reply to Stefania Panebianco (stefapnb@unict.it) or to Carla Monteleone (cmonteleone@unipa.it)

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