Eudem Book

Stefania Panebianco and Rosa Rossi (edited by)

Winds of Democratic Change
in the Mediterranean?
Processes, Actors and Possible Outcomes


Eudem Newsletter no. 3

Eudem Newsletter no. 3 is out!

EUDEM Newsletter 2

The II° EUDEM Newsletter is out
No 2 May/June 2011

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Conference: “Winds of Democratic Change in the Mediterranean? Actors, Processes and possible Outcomes”





Eudem Newsletter

Eudem Newsletter is out!

No 1 March/2011

Mediterrenean Crisis


Carnegie Middle East Center

February 28, 2011

With breathtaking speed, massive popular protests across the Arab world have swept away two Arab strongmen and shaken half a dozen monarchies and republics to their core. But the Arab world has yet to witness any fundamental change in ruling elites and even less in the nature of governance.

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Information and Research Activities at a Glance

The Information and Research Activities (IRAs) are part of the Jean Monnet Action.

IRAs in particular support universities in “promoting discussion, reflections and knowledge about the process of European Integration”.

EUDEM Objective

The main objective of this IRA is to create a trans-national and multidisciplinary research network to conduct a project in view of the newly adopted EU Agenda for Action on Democracy Support in EU External Relations.


This is the website of the Jean Monnet Information and Research Activity (IRA) on EU Foreign Policy and Democracy Promotion (EUDEM) coordinated by prof. Stefania Panebianco.

The project fosters mutual exchange between researchers, students and civil society.